January Studio Session, New Music on the Horizon

A month into 2012 and big things are happening in Mountain Men land. We started off the month with one of our most fun and rambunctious shows to date at Don Quixote’s on January 6th
The next week we headed into Gadgetbox Studios in Santa Cruz, where we recorded our debut album last January, and got to work on two brand new singles, Waiting For You and Your Heart My Love.
We’re really excited with what we came away with and can’t wait to share these songs with you, along with a bunch of cool video footage. We’ll definitely keep you posted on all of that as we prepare it all for release in the coming months. We really think we’ve taken a large step forward, maybe even a leap, with this new material, so get ready for a bunch of new content (songs! videos!) this Spring/Summer 2012.

Here’s a visual taste of how it all went down. 

Waiting For You/Your Heart My Love coming out soon!

D.Q’s January 6th!

We will be back at Don Quixote’s in Felton this Friday, January 6th. We are excited, because quite frankly, it’s our favorite place to play. Show starts at 8 P.M and Amee Chapman opens. 10 dollar tickets will be available at the door the night of the show. Our guitarist Kyle Poppen is back on the west coast for the first time since August as if you needed another reason to come. See you there!

Happy New Year!

Hotel Utah Dec. 21st! Don Quixote’s Jan. 6th!

What an awesome year 2011 was for us. Got to play with some awesome bands, met tons of cool people at tons of cool places. Oh yea and we released an album. (She’s a doozy of a stocking stuffer btw) We don’t want it to end. Looking back at where we were at this time last year gives a strong sense of accomplishment. We are so grateful for the unbelievable amount of support we’ve received over the last 12 months.
Having said that 2011 is not over and we’re excited about ending the year in style, and then, starting the new year in style, as it were. We’ve got some really cool shows coming up that we’re quite excited about.

We’re going to be in San Francisco at The Hotel Utah Saloon on December 21st!

Its our first time at Hotel Utah and our last show of 2011. Tickets are cheap!

And then, after the holidays (which seems like a million years from now I know) its the big one. We’re coming back to our old stomping grounds. We will be playing at Don Quixote’s in Felton on Friday January 6th. We haven’t played with our scintillating guitarist, Kyle Poppen since he bounced out to Boston for school in August. We’ve missed him dearly and he will be back on stage with us at Don Q’s and we are looking forward to hearing him tear it up on the Les Paul as much as you are.

Kyle Poppen! Don Quixote’s January 6th!

Many more details will be forthcoming concerning January 6th, stay tuned. In the meantime, mark your calendars, 8 pm January 6th, Felton CA.

Thanks for stopping by we’ll be seeing you soon.

Gimme Moe’s (Alley)

We’ve been having a lot of fun in November, and right before we take an ever so brief hiatus to eat some turkey and pumpkin pie, we want to tell you about some cool stuff coming up.  We’re making our return to Santa Cruz institution Moe’s Alley on November 29th.

We will be sharing the stage with a couple of cool acts. Buster Blue from Reno, and fellow Santa Cruz residents The McCoy Tyler Band. Check em out. Should be a fun show, not to mention, about as good as gets on a Tuesday night. The Mountain Men will be in attendance (meaning it will be a full band performance for us), looking forward to it.
We will be heading up to Sacramento the first weekend in December with shows at Marilyn’s on K and Naked Coffee on the 3rd and 4th of December respectively. 
Thank you everyone who saw us play, or even paid any attention to us this month. It has been an incredible amount of fun. Help us close out November in style and come share an evening with us on the 29th at Moe’s Alley. 
Moe’s Alley, Tuesday November 29th,
Buster Blue, The Coffis Brothers and the Mountain Men, The McCoy Tyler Band
8:30 P.M

Videos! Shows! Loud Noises!

First of all check out our first unofficial official music video! (Get a free download of this song on the right hand side of this page)

Special thanks to George Chadwick for shooting it! Find a few more videos we have posted recently here.

In other news, November continues to be one of the busier (and most fun) months of our musical careers. Next up we are  very much looking forward to returning to Club Fox in Redwood City this Thursday November 17th. San Francisco band Allofasudden starts off the night. We will also be heading up to Davis to play at Woodstock’s on Friday November 19th.

We’re excited to see our name on this marquee again!

Santa Cruz friends will be happy to hear we will be back in the area on November 29th at world famous Moe’s Alley as part of a folk/americana/rock&roll triple header with Buster Blue and fellow Santa Cruzans Mccoy Tyler Band.

In the meantime we’re excited about this week. Club Fox Nov. 17th! Don’t miss it!

Crepe Place Nov. 12th

Portland was awesome, hung out with some family, met some new people, saw some rad venues had an overall great time. We’re very happy to be home though and very much looking forward to returning to the Crepe Place this weekend.

Doors open at 8, local singer songwriter Her Band of Gold opens the show. All ages, see you there!

Oregon Bound

Phew, busy weekend traveling up and down the Bay Area playing in Sacramento and Santa Cruz and stopping to catch a few acts at Hardly Strictly in San Francisco on Saturday in between. The show must go on however and go on it shall as we’ve posted a lot of new stuff in the coming weeks including shows in Portland, Oregon!

This weekend we will be heading to the North and East Bay stopping at Kentfield, Sonoma, and Oakland on Thursday, Friday and Saturday Respectively.

Crow’s Nest Thursday October 13! Our first time there, full band show, should be fun.

Did I mention we’re going to Portland! It will be our first time performing out of our beloved California and we are really excited. We will be at Magnolia’s Corner on Thursday November 3rd, and Jam on Hawthorne on November 4th.

Know anybody in Portland? Tell them we will be coming through, both shows are free admission.

We will be putting up a video from our show at Don Quixote’s a few weeks back, I know I said this previously, but that is still coming up. Thanks for staying posted.

We’ll leave with a video of a cool (and topical) song. John McCauley (far right, lead vocals) will be up in Portland the same time as us with his band Deer Tick. I guess we’ll have to go check them out.

Finish Line Lineup

We are pretty excited to be a part of this year’s Finish Line Festival in San Lorenzo Park in Santa Cruz presented by “Carry Yrself Home” and Keith Petrocelli. The festival we will be held as part of the Surf City AIDS Ride on Sunday October 2nd. We will be playing with our very rocking full band  at 3:30 as part of a super cool lineup of 9 local acts that goes from 11am-5pm. Its hip, its free, and its for a good cause. I’m hard pressed to find a reason to miss it. We’re looking forward to it.

Here’s the complete lineup (with links!) see you there…

Courtney the Getaway Girl- 11am-11:25

The Diary Queen 11:35-12PM

The Best Friends 12:10-12:40

Old Arc-12:50-1:20

The Matador- 1:30-2

Done Beginner- 2:50-3:20


Birdhouse – 4:20-5PM

In the meantime we have some shows coming up in and around the Bay Area for you non Santa Cruz folks. We will be at the Abbey Tavern on Sunday September 18th in San Francisco and then back in SF on September 23rd at Brainwash Cafe. We will also be heading up to Sacramento for the first time at Cafe La Boca on Friday September 30th.

Recently we were able to shoot some video of our show at Don Quixote’s a couple weekends ago and we also taped a show for Community TV in Santa Cruz that aired on September 2nd ( but will be relayed periodically on channel 27 for Santa Cruz Comcast subscribers) and we plan on releasing some footage from both very soon. So definitely stay tuned for that, because it’s going to be sweet. We’re excited to get that stuff up on the web. 

On the Horizon

Hey there. Thanks again to those of you who made it out Don Quixote’s, Boulder Creek Junction Park, and The Davenport Roadhouse this past weekend/week. Just stopping by to fill you in on a few recent happenings. This weekend we will be playing at the Brainwash Cafe in San Francisco on Friday night and the East Village Cafe in Monterey on Saturday. It’s always fun to play shows in towns that we don’t get to that often, so we are looking forward to those.
Also we are very excited to announce that we have been chosen to play in this year’s Finish Line Festival as part of the Santa Cruz Aids Ride on Sunday October 2nd. The concert will be held at San Lorenzo Park near Downtown Santa Cruz and several local acts will be on stage from 11-5 pm including Birdhouse and The Best Friends. We will be going on stage at 3:30. Full band, free show! Should be fun. More to come on this.
We took some video from our show at Don Quixotes and are working to put that together and will get that posted soon.
So lots of stuff going on and more announcements and cool stuff coming up in the next few weeks. We’ll keep you posted, see you around.

Skipping burning man this year? We got you covered!

We’ve been moving around the Bay Area quite a bit lately, and now we’re coming back home. We will be at Don Quixote’s this Saturday night the 3rd of September. If you didn’t go to Strawberry, or Burning Man, why not come down to Felton and catch us at Don Quixote’s. It will be just like Burning Man, except without the dust storms and bad trips.

Every time we play at old Don Q’s it seems to get better, so if you haven’t made it out to one of our shows here, you’re going to want to take advantage of this opportunity. Our friend Jeff Blackburn (Buck’n’the odds) opens the show, and there promises to be some cool stuff happening all night. We’re looking forward to busting out some new songs and arrangements, and just generally spicing things up a bit, (rumor has it, Jamie might be wearing a different shirt than he normally wears) as we kick off a very busy month. We’ll see you in Felton!