Heck, Just Read This One: Henry Chadwick

Generally these posts are pretty lighthearted. They’re a little goofy and silly and I enjoy writing them like that. This one is a little different. As we gear up to play our only club date in Santa Cruz this Summer (July 21st, Moe’s Alley) we thought we needed to let the good people of Santa Cruz, as well as all followers of The Coffis Brothers, in on some rather significant happenings in the band. Before we get to the point of this post I would just like to say this…

When Jamie and I decided we wanted to start a band, only one person came to mind when we thought about drummers. It was, of course, Henry Chadwick. For about 8 years Henry has been the drummer of The Coffis Brothers. Henry has made countless sacrifices for this band for which we can’t thank him enough. Beyond all the time, energy, and money he’s put into this band, he has been one of our closest friends, and still remains one of our closest friends. We’ve shared experiences together that we’ll never forget. Henry helped shape the sound of this band and was as influential as any of us in our songs, live performances, and studio recordings. We all fully support and believe in Henry in any of his future endeavors and although we will certainly miss him with us on stage, we feel good knowing that he has helped us create what has become a well-oiled machine that will continue to run (the well oiled-machine being this band, not our Ford van.) Jamie, Kyle, Aidan, and myself are as committed to this band as we’ve ever been and will continue performing just like we’ve always done. Don’t you worry about that. Anyway, enough from me. Let’s hear from the man himself, Henry Chadwick.

Barefoot Studios, Hollywood, CA 2016.

Hey everyone,

I’ve been putting off writing this for a while, since I want to use the right words and they have been hard to find. I come bearing bittersweet news today. I feel like I should preface this by saying just how much I love being in The Coffis Brothers and The Mountain Men. A lot. I just love this band in general. I love the music, and the group of dudes who are 4 of my best friends and quite frankly, family. I’ve had the honor and pleasure of growing up with these guys. We’ve taken off our musical/drumming/touring training wheels together and learned how to ride the musical bike, so to speak. We’ve traveled to the furthest reaches of the country together in cars, mini vans, regular vans and (on occasion) planes. We’ve slept on floors, in tents, hotels, yurts, cabins and on many couches, and they’ve put up with more than one too many of my farts in the van. According to my calculations, this is our 8th summer playing together in one form or another. It’s crazy to think about. My time spent with The Coffis Brothers has been 2 or 3 times longer than any relationship I’ve been in with anyone. That made this decision that much harder to come to.

As some of you may or may not know, I write my own songs and that has been a life-long passion. Before I started playing drums, I was primarily a songwriter. As things picked up with the brothers, the songs I was writing took somewhat of a back seat, which was great for me at the time. We spent some of the best times of my life touring and recording over the years to come. It was really exciting and fulfilling to be a part of. Last year, I released an EP of my own music that picked up a little bit of momentum. It felt really good. I had forgotten just how much I missed it. Writing and playing my songs has been the thing I’ve wanted/needed to do as long as I can remember, and somewhere deep down I knew I’d regret not dedicating more time to focus on it. This creates a dilemma, since the goal of most bands is to hopefully be busier. Time is a funny thing. It turns out you can only be in one place at any given time. We’ve been able to make things work for a while as momentum has built on both ends, and I’m nothing but appreciative for how flexible, accommodating and supportive Jamie, Kellen, Kyle and Aidan have been. After a while of cramming everything in, I started to feel things spreading thin. After a lot of contemplating and soul searching, I came to the conclusion that the best thing for me and for the boys would be for me to start phasing out of my role as drummer in the Coffis Brothers. That’s a painful sentence to write. I believe in The Coffis Brothers. I know that they are great, and will continue to do great things! In order to achieve that continued greatness in the most effective manner, this seems like the best move.

I have no doubt that we will all continue to make music together in one way or another in the future, and I look forward to seeing/watching the band’s success and cheering them on from the sidelines. They are, and will always be 4 of my best friends and brothers. Thanks again to the boys and to all who have and continue to support the music. To anyone reading this, who this may apply to: Thanks so much for letting us crash on your couch/floor, coming to shows, buying CDs and shirts, selling CDs and shirts and just hanging out with us. In short, thanks for making these past 8 years the incredible journey that they were. This is the end of a chapter, but the book has barely started! I hope to run into you all again soon. I’ll be joining the Coffis Bros. on tour over the next few weeks and I’d love to see some familiar faces. After that I’ll be playing my music around, and I hope to see you around at one of those.

Thanks again for everything! I’m looking forward to see what happens next.




“Trouble Town” music video shoot 2014.


Oyster Ridge Music Festival, Kemerer, Wyoming 2015.

Halloween Henflings Tavern, Ben Lomond, 2013.

Redwood Mountain Faire, Felton, 2013.

You Ain’t Got The Heart Music Video

We have released the official music video for “You Ain’t Got The Heart.” This video was produced by Gadgetbox Studios, directed by Andy Zencak, and shot by Shawheen Keyani.

We shot this video over the course of one freezing cold day in Hollister, California at Tag Paintball. Despite the frigid temperatures, we had a great time and are really pleased with the whole video. We’d like to give special thanks to RJ Allen, Steven Morgan, Ben Barsochinni, all the employees at Tag Paintball, and of course our awesome warrior girls: Hayley Alger, Taylor Harrington, Ava Marinos, Ava Poitras, and Lizzie Sepeda.

Hot Seat Challenge – Mad Dog 357

We have gone to great, some might even say extreme, lengths to play our music and to have our music heard. While recording our album at Barefoot Studios we went to even greater, or perhaps extremer lengths for our music. With the recent release of You Ain’t Got The Heart, we present you with The Coffis Brothers & the Mountain Men- Hot Seat Challenge.

During our seven day stint at Barefoot Recording Studios in Hollywood we frequented a nearby burrito stand in the mornings. While scouring the Barefoot kitchen for hot sauce we encountered a certain Mad Dog 357 hot sauce. This wasn’t just your normal hot sauce. This was Mad Dog’s Silver Collector’s Edition that weighs in with a whopping 750,00 scoville units. What’s a scoville, you may be asking? We’re still not really sure, but from our research 750,000 of them is a lot. As a gift to the studio from Nickel Creek’s, Chris Thile, we thought it was only right that we try some of this hot sauce while playing one of the songs we were recording. This is the result of that attempt. We promise you that we are not acting. We are not “hamming” it up for the cameras. This is our most genuine, sincere, real reaction to eating this hot sauce. For the pain we put ourselves through we really hope you enjoy this video. That’s why we made it.

New Single Coming Soon

This isn’t THE announcement, but rather the announcement OF the announcement. That’s right, we’re making announcements for our announcements. Glad we got that squared away.

It comes with great pleasure that we can announce the release of our first Single from our upcoming full-length album for you later this week. We are really excited to share this single and album with you all. This song, along with the rest of the album, was recorded at Barefoot Studios in Los Angeles in 2016 and was produced by Andy Zenczak (Wrong Side of The Road, Waiting For You EP, and The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men.) Keep your head on a swivel as we announce the official release later this week.

We’re In The Finals!

We have advanced to the top five of the High Sierra 2017 Band Contest! We’re very excited about this as you can tell by our use of an exclamation point, which we use very sparingly. Now we need your help. Here’s how to help.

Please go to this video here: and LIKE THE POST. That’s it. It’s that easy. The video with the most likes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will win a spot at the High Sierra Music Festival. Although we appreciate any like, share, comment, retweet and all that good stuff, you HAVE to go here: and Like this post. Thanks for all the support and we hope to see you at High Sierra this 4th of July Weekend!

High (Sierra) Hopes

The High Sierra Music Festival has long been at the top of our lists of festivals to play.  How much would we like to play at High Sierra? So much that Jamie even wrote a blog post about it. I know! It’s been years since he’s written one of these. We have an opportunity to get into the festival this Summer and you can help us out without even hardly lifting a finger. Jamie tells you more about it below.

Way back in 2012, with our band very much in its infancy, Kellen, Kyle and I (Jamie) got the opportunity to attend High Sierra Music Festival. We didn’t sleep a lick, ate like kings as we got to camp adjacent to the late great Chef Larry, got sunburnt to a crisp, saw a ton of amazing bands (to this day Delta Spirit’s set at the Vaudeville tent is one of the best shows Ive ever seen), and even got to play a couple of impromptu sets ourselves, though I suspect people were more interested in Larry’s outrageous fried chicken than even our best Tom Petty cover. We had a total blast and the ride home (not to mention the years since) was spent strategizing how could we get on stage at HSMF. For the first year ever they have opened up a band video contest and of course we would like to throw our hat into the ring. Here is a video from us this past weekend at HopMonk Tavern Sebastopol check it out and a share wouldn’t hurt either! #hsmf17bandcontest

McCoy Tyler and The Coffis Brothers and The Mountain Men

For the past year we’ve been asked what this new McCoy Tyler project is and how we- The Coffis Brothers & the Mountain Men- are involved in it. Rather than explaining it ourselves I figured I’d have McCoy Tyler himself tell you. So I sat down with McCoy to get the inside scoop on his upcoming EP, his new band, and this Single Release Show at Moe’s Alley on April 13th. Here’s the interview.

Kellen Coffis: Okay we’re here with McCoy Tyler from The McCoy Tyler Band, or is that not what your band is called now, or is this a different “McCoy Tyler” all together?

McCoy Tyler: I’ve almost exhausted all iterations of my first and middle name. What once was the McCoy Tyler Band is now simply McCoy Tyler- though if you are in the marquee lettering business, you may know me as Tyler McCoy. And if you happen to be Sleepy John (from KPIG) you likely know me as McCoy Tyler from Happy Valley. I don’t know…I’m from the Santa Cruz Mountains and my name is McCoy Tyler, that’s all there is to it at this point. You probably shouldn’t believe anything you see out there…

KC: Got it, Tyler. I think I understand now. So Mr. McCoy, I hear you have some new music you are releasing. What can you tell us about this new music?

MT: It’s the shortest album I’ve ever recorded that has managed to take the longest amount of time. It’s loud and soft, sometimes upbeat and sometimes moody and self deprecating. It’s pretty damn self deprecating now that I think of it- especially the single. You should listen to that one if you really want to get in touch with some things. And by things, I mean your emotions. Or perhaps I mean my emotions? Let’s just say, this is not a record for the calloused and hard-hearted- it’s for all the post-college, 20-something, sad sap artists out there who are dissatisfied with the current state of things- like politics and the constant nonsense that pervades our Facebook feeds and keeps us feeling mostly hopeless and sad. Let’s just say, it’s a really uplifting single. And you should definitely listen to it.

KC: Hey man, take it easy on Facebook. Please don’t offend our readers. So if this project is just called “McCoy Tyler” does that mean it’s a solo project?

MT: In the sense that there are a lot of ripping guitar solos taken on this record, I would say yes. In the sense that the recording features me, exclusively, definitely not… Were you to ask me if this project was a collaborative effort, I think that would be a more apt definition. And, by chance, were you to ask me if the record features performances by The Coffis Brothers and Mountain, well…I would have to say, absolutely.

McCoy Tyler and Kyle Poppen. March 24, 2017 Rio Theater, Nexties Awards. Photo by Allison Garcia.

KC: Hmm The Coffis Brothers & the Mountain Men? Never heard of ’em. Are they some sort of rootsy Rock & Roll band that blends Folk, Rock, Blues, and R&B with harmonies that only brothers can create? I’ll definitely check them out. So how’s it going playing with this new band? And how did this collaboration come to be? Did you just look for the five best looking guys in Santa Cruz or something?

MT: I would call it more of a creative rendezvous than a casual gathering of handsome dudes- because that just sounds weird. Though for the sake of our upcoming show, it certainly doesn’t hurt that we are all strikingly handsome.

KC: Call it what you like, but it is what it is. In your previous band you wrote the songs, sang the lion’s share of the lead vocals, and were the lead guitarist. Has your role changed playing with the Coffis Brothers?

MT: In the sense that I’m still playing guitar and singing, not much. I’m still on the acoustic guitar quite a bit. Though this project has allowed me to get back into my electric guitar playing in a way that I couldn’t with TMTB. It’s Rock & Roll music with a songwriter sensibility. It’s just tender baby. But with a bit of edge- like if the Eagles let Joe Walsh sing more and he decided to really take on the role by staying (slightly) more sober.

Kellen Coffis, McCoy Tyler, Jamie Coffis, Kyle Poppen, and Henry Chadwick. Moe’s Alley October 15, 2016. Photo by Effie Benjamin.

KC: I see you have a healthy number of shows under your belt with this group, and have even done some traveling. So what’s so special about Thursday, April 13th at Moe’s Alley?

MT: As much fun as touring can be, nothing beats playing to the hometown crowd. This show will be special in a couple of ways- first off, my buddies Dan Too and Pat Hull represent two of the best songwriters in the area, in my opinion, and I get to see them play. So that’s really just selfishness- booking a show with two musicians that you really like. But second, Thursday April 13th happens to be the day that we release the first single off the new record. It’s called “26” and I’ve been told that it’s perhaps the best thing since sliced bread.

KC: I’m on a no bread diet so this song may not be for me. I’ve heard those Coffis Brothers are sorta jerks. Do you have any dirt you can dish out on those guys?

MT: I’m going on the record here and saying that Henry Chadwick is really the only nice one in the band. And it’s only fitting that he engineered, mixed, and helped produce the new record. Oh, and he also played drums. I think we drastically underestimate the arm length and general perseverance required to engineer and play drums on a record. He’s a frizzy-haired mad man with a penchant for talking to himself during the recording process, and I honestly feel like the rest of us just sat around and drank beer while he did all the heavy lifting. So yeah, the rest of those dudes? Just a buncha have-beens. Or have-yet-to-be’s. I guess time will tell…

The Coffis Brothers & the Mountain Men with McCoy Tyler. Don Quixote’s, January 7, 2017. Photo by Effie Benjamin.

KC: Well, I think at this point in the interview we’ve whittled our readers all the way down to 4. So what would you like to say to those last 3 readers to get them out to Moe’s Alley on April 13th?

MT: If you are fans of good music performed by strikingly handsome dudes, it truly is in your best interest to attend this show. And if not, it’s a Thursday night and what the hell else had you planned on doing?

KC: Thanks, Ty. That was informative, and for the most part, tolerable. I’ll try to scrounge up $10 but if you could throw me on the guest list that would be great. See ya April 13th at Moe’s Alley.

Aidan Collins, Kellen Coffis, and McCoy Tyler. October 15, 2016, Moe’s Alley. Photo by Effie Benjamin

McCoy Tyler- Dan Too, Pat Hull opens – Moe’s Alley, April 13th

Doors 8pm

Show 9pm

$7 adv/ $10 door



Jackie Greene + Coffis Bros Times Two

To avoid the very likely risk of burying my lead, I’m just going to come right out and say that we’re opening for Jackie Greene for two nights in Mill Valley on March 31st and April 1st at the Sweetwater Music Hall. But our story with Jackie Greene goes way back. Way way back. Or just seven years back.

On Saturday October 2nd in 2010 Jamie and I, like thousands of others, were wandering the grounds of Golden Gate Park during the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival as the day was coming to a close. We ended up finding ourselves at the front of the crowd watching Jackie Greene. We came into that day knowing exactly zero Jackie Greene songs, but we left Golden Gate Park huge Jackie Greene fans. For that next year we listened to all his albums, watched blurry iPhone videos of live performances on Youtube, and covered his songs regularly. We were “All In” on Jackie Greene. And when we go “all in” on a band, we really go for it. Like deep deep Youtube dives and whatnot. Just try talking to us about Tom Petty. You won’t get us to shut up. Anyway, Jackie became a really big influence on our writing, performing, and recording at a time when we were just starting to play out. Fast forward a few years later to February 28th, 2014 and we’re in San Luis Obispo opening for Jackie. We were stoked. Then just a month later we got to do it again… but in Santa Cruz… at the Catalyst… and the show was sold out. What’s better than stoked? Mega stoked? Uber stoked? I don’t know. Whatever it is, that’s what we were. That was by far the biggest show we’d played to date and was also our first time playing the iconic Catalyst. Since then we’ve opened for Jackie in San Francisco, at both the Fillmore and Great American Music Hall, Tahoe, Felton, and we even got to open for one of his side project bands, Trigger Hippy in LA at the El Rey Theater. Each one of the shows has been a huge thrill for us and we are always excited at the opportunity to share the stage with someone we consider to be a hero of ours.

We remain huge Jackie Greene fans and we can’t wait to be part of these shows in Mill Valley. On March 31st, Jackie will be playing his 2010 album (and the Coffis Brothers’ favorite Jackie album) Till The Light Comes, and on April 1st he will be playing his newest album, Back To Birth. Get your tickets while you can and see ya at the Sweetwater!

November 28, 2014 Fillmore, San Francisco with Jackie Greene

October 1, 2014 El Rey Theater, LA with Trigger Hippy

February 28, 2014 SLO Brew, San Luis Obispo with Jackie Greene

November 21, 2015 Crystal Bay Casino with Jackie Greene

March 22, 2014 Catalyst, Santa Cruz with Jackie Greene

Redwood Mountain Faire 2017

I have some vague memories of the Redwood Mountain Faire as a young kid. I can remember hearing the echo of electric guitars and drums from my front yard in Ben Lomond, adults telling me that this guy named Elvin Bishop and some sort of space starship was going to play; but what I probably remember most was that the field that I played soccer on was now completely filled with bodies and two big stages. Years later after a long hiatus, the Redwood Mountain Faire returned but in their new location at Roaring Camp. Since its return, that first weekend in June has been a weekend that we’ve come to look forward to every Summer having played several of our own sets as well as sitting in with friends like McCoy Tyler, Sherry Austin & Henhouse, Lukas Nelson, and My Stupid Brother. We are very excited to announce that we will be back at the Redwood Mountain Faire in 2017!  See ya June 3rd and 4th in Felton at Roaring Camp.

We play on June 3rd at 1:40pm on the Meadow Stage (main stage.) Check out the rest of the Saturday lineup below.


Carolyn Wonderland
The Coffis Brothers and The Mountain Men
The Nibblers
Sherry Austin With Henhouse
Victor Krummenacher and His Flying Circus
The Banana Slug String Band
Olde Blue
Bryn Loosley and the Back Pages
Ginger & Juice

Buy your tickets at