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3rd Annual SLV Soccer Fundraiser Concert

On Friday December 21st we will be performing our third San Lorenzo Valley High-School Soccer Fundraiser Concert. Given that this is our third year in a row doing this, you probably know the backstory by now, but in case you don’t, here’s the abridged version. Jamie, Kyle, and myself all played soccer for San Lorenzo Valley High-School for four years. After graduating from SLV, I coached the Boy’s Junior Varsity team for four years before taking over the Girl’s Varsity team three years ago. For the past two seasons Jamie has been my assistant coach and we’ve had a blast doing it. Being the head coach of a Varsity Soccer team and being in a traveling band has certainly been a bit of a juggling act but we’ve always been able to pull it off. Sometimes it involves sprinting out of a practice to a gig and changing out of soccer shorts into jeans at the venue but it’s always worth it.

These fundraiser concerts have not only been a good way of raising money for the girl’s but also a fun way to show the team what Jamie and I are up to when we’re not on a soccer field. If you find yourself free on Friday December 21st we hope you come out to San Lorenzo Valley High School and check out their new Performing Arts Center where we will be performing. Our good friend, and SLV Alum, Henry Chadwick will be opening the show. Here’s some pictures of the girl’s soccer players that will be benefitting from you attending this show. They’re awesome kids. Show them support this Friday night.

San Lorenzo Valley High School Performing Arts Center, Felton December 21st Doors 7pm Show 7:30pm Henry Chadwick opens $20

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