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Boom Boom Room Looms

We have been having a lot fun releasing a few videos (with more to come) and preparing to release some music, not to mention some awesome gigs the past few weeks. We’ve got one coming up that we’re real excited about. It’s at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco on Tuesday April 17th, and we will be playing with fellow Santa Cruz bands Wooster and Eliquate.

In the heart of the Fillmore, right across the street from the legendary venue. Santa Cruz will be represented well.

Some other quick announcements;

Still in post production of “Waiting For You” but its getting closer by the day, and we will have a release date in the very near future.

The lineup for the Redwood Mountain Faire was released recently, and besides the fact that we will be playing at it again (Saturday June 2, 12:00 PM Meadow Stage), its going to be an awesome weekend. Here’s the lineup (including Wooster, Brothers Comatose, Sherry Austin and Henhouse, David Lindley,The Soft White Sixties, and much more). Save a few bucks and buy your tickets early.

If you haven’t seen either of the two videos we have released thus far, by all means visit our youtube channel. (Or view the previous posts on this blog)

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