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Finish Line Lineup

We are pretty excited to be a part of this year’s Finish Line Festival in San Lorenzo Park in Santa Cruz presented by “Carry Yrself Home” and Keith Petrocelli. The festival we will be held as part of the Surf City AIDS Ride on Sunday October 2nd. We will be playing with our very rocking full band at 3:30 as part of a super cool lineup of 9 local acts that goes from 11am-5pm. Its hip, its free, and its for a good cause. I’m hard pressed to find a reason to miss it. We’re looking forward to it.

Here’s the complete lineup (with links!) see you there…

The Diary Queen 11:35-12PM

Done Beginner- 2:50-3:20

In the meantime we have some shows coming up in and around the Bay Area for you non Santa Cruz folks. We will be at the Abbey Tavern on Sunday September 18th in San Francisco and then back in SF on September 23rd at Brainwash Cafe. We will also be heading up to Sacramento for the first time at Cafe La Boca on Friday September 30th.

Recently we were able to shoot some video of our show at Don Quixote’s a couple weekends ago and we also taped a show for Community TV in Santa Cruz that aired on September 2nd ( but will be relayed periodically on channel 27 for Santa Cruz Comcast subscribers) and we plan on releasing some footage from both very soon. So definitely stay tuned for that, because it’s going to be sweet. We’re excited to get that stuff up on the web.

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