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Gimme Moe’s (Alley)

We’ve been having a lot of fun in November, and right before we take an ever so brief hiatus to eat some turkey and pumpkin pie, we want to tell you about some cool stuff coming up. We’re making our return to Santa Cruz institution Moe’s Alley on November 29th.

We will be sharing the stage with a couple of cool acts. Buster Blue from Reno, and fellow Santa Cruz residents The McCoy Tyler Band. Check em out. Should be a fun show, not to mention, about as good as gets on a Tuesday night. The Mountain Men will be in attendance (meaning it will be a full band performance for us), looking forward to it.

We will be heading up to Sacramento the first weekend in December with shows at Marilyn’s on K and Naked Coffee on the 3rd and 4th of December respectively.

Thank you everyone who saw us play, or even paid any attention to us this month. It has been an incredible amount of fun. Help us close out November in style and come share an evening with us on the 29th at Moe’s Alley.


Moe’s Alley, Tuesday November 29th,

Buster Blue, The Coffis Brothers and the Mountain Men, The McCoy Tyler Band

8:30 P.M

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