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High (Sierra) Hopes

The High Sierra Music Festival has long been at the top of our lists of festivals to play.  How much would we like to play at High Sierra? So much that Jamie even wrote a blog post about it. I know! It’s been years since he’s written one of these. We have an opportunity to get into the festival this Summer and you can help us out without even hardly lifting a finger. Jamie tells you more about it below.

Way back in 2012, with our band very much in its infancy, Kellen, Kyle and I (Jamie) got the opportunity to attend High Sierra Music Festival. We didn’t sleep a lick, ate like kings as we got to camp adjacent to the late great Chef Larry, got sunburnt to a crisp, saw a ton of amazing bands (to this day Delta Spirit’s set at the Vaudeville tent is one of the best shows Ive ever seen), and even got to play a couple of impromptu sets ourselves, though I suspect people were more interested in Larry’s outrageous fried chicken than even our best Tom Petty cover. We had a total blast and the ride home (not to mention the years since) was spent strategizing how could we get on stage at HSMF. For the first year ever they have opened up a band video contest and of course we would like to throw our hat into the ring. Here is a video from us this past weekend at HopMonk Tavern Sebastopol check it out and a share wouldn’t hurt either! #hsmf17bandcontest

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