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Just Kick(start)ing Along

Our Kickstarter campaign is well under way, and the support we have received thus far has left us remarkably grateful and humbled. We are oh so close to meeting our goal, and luckily there’s still some time left to get it done. We have until the morning of November 1st until rewards will no longer be available. If this is the first you’re hearing of this you can learn all about it here.

Meanwhile we’ve been putting up a series of videos of live performances of new songs that will be on our forthcoming record. Here is the latest-

And in case you missed the previous two here they are-

Help us push our Kickstarter over the top. Plenty of great deals still remain. T-shirts, signed posters and CD’s, drum and guitar lessons, private performances, and even, wait for it, popcorn. Everything helps and is greatly appreciated. –

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