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Hey there. Thanks again to those of you who made it out Don Quixote’s, Boulder Creek Junction Park, and The Davenport Roadhouse this past weekend/week. Just stopping by to fill you in on a few recent happenings. This weekend we will be playing at the Brainwash Cafe in San Francisco on Friday night and the East Village Cafe in Monterey on Saturday. It’s always fun to play shows in towns that we don’t get to that often, so we are looking forward to those. Also we are very excited to announce that we have been chosen to play in this year’s Finish Line Festival as part of the Santa Cruz Aids Ride on Sunday October 2nd. The concert will be held at San Lorenzo Park near Downtown Santa Cruz and several local acts will be on stage from 11-5 pm including Birdhouse and The Best Friends. We will be going on stage at 3:30. Full band, free show! Should be fun. More to come on this. We took some video from our show at Don Quixotes and are working to put that together and will get that posted soon. So lots of stuff going on and more announcements and cool stuff coming up in the next few weeks. We’ll keep you posted, see you around.

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