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Rock And Roll Relief – November 10th Sebastopol

We’ve been calling Sonoma County our “second home” after Santa Cruz for a while now. Over the last few years we’ve made so many relationships with musicians, bands, fans, and venues that every time we get up to the North Bay it feels like we’re playing in our hometown. A big part of that is because of Aidan Collins. Aidan spent the first 23 years of his life living in Sonoma County so we have become friends with his family, childhood friends and have been treated like family every time we visit. Along with that we’ve also had some really great opportunities in that area like playing the Kate Wolf Music Festival in 2015 and 2016, the Railroad Square Music Festival in 2016, the Petaluma Music Festival in 2015, and have played shows with bands like Brothers Comatose, Kingsborough, Rainbow Girls, and Mike Sallani among others.

We know people who were directly affected by the fires and we would imagine that everyone in that area has been affected in some way. Our show on Friday November 10th at the Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastopol will not be a fundraiser, so to speak, but we wanted to help in some way so we will be donating all the money that we make from the show to the Redwood Credit Fund ( This will include money we make through ticket sales as well as all money made from all Coffis Brothers merchandise sold. The Redwood Credit Fund is a very reputable organization that is using %100 of their donations to help aid victims of the fire. You can learn more about the RCU through their website. (

The show itself will be a rock and roll show like you would expect from us and the music will certainly still be the focus of the night, as it should be, but we want to do our part in helping this community. For those of you who would like to donate but can’t attend the show, you can donate right here In addition to that, any CD sales we make through our website from now through November 10th will also be donated to the RCU. We will be bringing our new album Roll With It along with lots of new shirts, posters, and pint glasses to the Hopmonk this Friday so we hope you find something that you like.

Hopmonk Tavern, Sebastopol- November 10th

Doors 8pm

Show 9pm

Buck Thrifty opens

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