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San Lorenzo Valley Soccer Fundraiser

Happy New Year! It only took me ’til February to say that, but nevertheless we’re back with our first post of 2018. The truth is that the winter is often a slower time of the year for us so I couldn’t think of anything to write about, and since we live in Santa Cruz, by winter I’m really only talking about the last few weeks in December and most of January. It’s so nice out here! It’s going to be 72 degrees today! In the past we’ve used January to record, or play hometown shows, so even if we aren’t driving around California playing, we’ve found something to keep us busy. Regardless of what the band’s been up to, I’ve spent just about all of my January’s for the last decade on the San Lorenzo Valley High School soccer fields in Felton for a couple hours every day coaching soccer. While it’s generally freezing (at least by my standards), rainy, muddy, etc I’ve never had more fun coaching soccer than I’ve had here at SLV, so it’s really special to get to play a concert to raise money for the SLV soccer program, which is exactly what we will be doing on February 8th at San Lorenzo Valley High School’s Performing Arts Center in Felton.

I started coaching at SLV in 2009 with the Junior Varsity Boy’s team. I coached them for three more seasons before moving to the Varsity Girl’s team who I’ve coached for three years and currently have Jamie as an assistant. Even beyond Jamie and I, soccer has played a weirdly important role in the band. Kyle and I met on the soccer field and played on the same teams from about ages 6-17, including four years at SLV. Jamie and I were somewhat familiar with each other before soccer was a thing but we’ve probably spent as much time kicking a ball around as we have singing. Kyle and I met Sam when he joined our club team when we were 14 years old, and soccer is the sport Aidan can tolerate watching with us more than any other. So that’s really saying something.

As another January spent on the SLV soccer field has come to an end, and our “slow” winter’s with the band seem to keep getting faster and busier; I’m becoming more and more aware that I won’t be able to coach at SLV for that much longer. Having a platform like this to give back to a school and sport that has given me so much is a really cool opportunity to have. (I know I can speak for Jamie and Kyle who would share that sentiment, as well.)

Our hope is to put on a great show at a really cool venue that you may have never been to before and to raise some money for high school athletes, so please help us by coming out to SLV’s Performing Arts Center on February 8th for our second annual SLV Soccer Fundraiser Concert. This year we’ll be bringing our friend McCoy Tyler with us to open the show. McCoy’s a graduate of Soquel High, and is more of a baseball and basketball guy than a soccer guy, but ya know…whatever. We just like him. See ya on the 8th.

San Lorenzo Valley Performing Arts Center

February 8th

Doors 7:00pm

Show 7:30pm


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