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Santa Cruz Weekly

Got a nice blurb in this week’s issue of the Santa Cruz Weekly. Thanks to Matt Weir for the kind words. Check it out;

Coffis Brothers and The Mountain Men

Don Quixote’s; $10; 8pm

After their KPIG debut, The Coffis Brothers (Jamie and Kellen Coffis) and their backing band, The Mountain Men (Kyle Poppen, Mason Hutchinson and Henry Chadwick) have been a hot ticket in the Santa Cruz area with good reason. Born and raised in the misty hills of Ben Lomond, the Coffis Brothers mix a blend of folk, country and rock with the intensity of personal lyrics into a gritty and often tender harmony of sound. This Friday will mark the release of their first full-length album, The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men, at a show that delivers one part Avett Brothers and one part early Neil Young for a full night of dancing and fun.

More press coming this week as we lead up to the big day. Go check out the Facebook event and we’ll see you there!

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