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Skipping burning man this year? We got you covered!

We’ve been moving around the Bay Area quite a bit lately, and now we’re coming back home. We will be at Don Quixote’s this Saturday night the 3rd of September. If you didn’t go to Strawberry, or Burning Man, why not come down to Felton and catch us at Don Quixote’s. It will be just like Burning Man, except without the dust storms and bad trips.

Every time we play at old Don Q’s it seems to get better, so if you haven’t made it out to one of our shows here, you’re going to want to take advantage of this opportunity. Our friend Jeff Blackburn (Buck’n’the odds) opens the show, and there promises to be some cool stuff happening all night. We’re looking forward to busting out some new songs and arrangements, and just generally spicing things up a bit, (rumor has it, Jamie might be wearing a different shirt than he normally wears) as we kick off a very busy month. We’ll see you in Felton!

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