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Slim’s San Francisco February 24th

The first show we ever played in San Francisco was in August of 2011 at a bar, then called, The Rockit Room. I think we responded to a Craigslist post and through that we got the headlining slot on a Saturday night in San Francisco. We were stoked. We set up on a postage stamp of a stage and played to a room that was as crammed together as we were. A big group of our friends from Santa Cruz came out, we stayed up all night after the show, and we crashed on the floor of our friend’s Kyle and Mikalah’s place before getting up early the next morning so I could play in my college alumni soccer game. (It seemed like a good idea at the time. I don’t know.) Since then we’ve played countless times in the City, and whether it’s a Tuesday night in front of an empty dance floor at the Boom Boom Room or across the street on a Saturday night for a sold out show at the Fillmore, we’re pretty damn excited every time we play in San Francisco. Alright, maybe we’re a little bit more excited for that Fillmore show (no offense to the Boom Boom though.) Here’s a video from our show at the Rockit Room.

Green room at Slim’s, March 15th, 2015.

This Saturday, February 24th we will be back in the City to play Slim’s. Joining us will be local bands, Sweet Plot, and Evan & the Live Oaks. This will be our third time playing Slim’s but our first time since January of 2016. We can’t wait to play, and not just because Slim’s stage is a little bit bigger than the Rockit Room’s, and because we finally got the foresight to book a hotel room for after the show instead of crashing on whatever friend’s floors are offered, and because we don’t have to wake up early to play in an alumni soccer game the next day; but because we’re excited to be bringing our new album, Roll With It to San Francisco for the first time, we get to play for our San Francisco friends as well our friend’s from Santa Cruz who will drive up in the City, and because we’re playing at a great venue, in a great city on a Saturday night. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Grab your tickets for Saturday and we’ll see ya at Slim’s.

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