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Spring tour

We first want to thank everyone who came out to the inaugural Coffis Space last month at Moe’s Alley. We couldn’t have asked for anything more from that and we are already looking forward to Coffis Space II. We’ll be back in Santa Cruz May 6th at the Rio Theatre along with Keith Greeninger and Nina Gerber. We’ll be backing up Keith for a set as well as playing a set of our own. We’ve been longtime admirers of both Keith and Nina so we’re really looking forward to that night. Alright, that’s enough with all the Santa Cruz talk. We’re getting after this Spring and Summer and we hope you join us when we come to your town. Take a look at the shows we’ve got coming up and let us know where we’ll see you.

In the meantime, we’re very excited to be releasing a new four song EP titled, Forest Power. This isn’t your typical release as we’ve created trading cards for each of the four songs. We partnered with our friend Gio Benedetti who created original artwork to represent each individual song. The first card, and song, “Every Day” has been released. Go to our online shop and grab a copy of the card to receive the first song as well as some other goodies including unreleased demos, a chord chart for the song, and a lyric video.

. Thanks for the continued support and we look forward to seeing you at an upcoming show.


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