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Summer Happenings

Ah man, is Summer ending? It is, right? Just the other day the Sun literally disappeared in the morning. I don’t know what that was all about. Did anybody else notice that? So what have the Coffis Brothers been up to this Summer, you ask? Let me tell you. Most notably we have released three singles from our upcoming album, Roll With It. Did you hear that? Three singles! Also, did you catch that we have a new album coming out called Roll With It? I’d say that’s some pretty big news. The feedback we’ve received regarding the new songs has been great, but in case you haven’t heard them you can listen to all three right here.

Squire Lounge, Denver, CO. Photo by Effie Benjamin Potter

Aside from releasing new music, the Summer of 2017 has been as memorable as any. We recently spent two weeks traveling through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado. We even had air conditioning in our van. That’s right! We got our AC fixed. I mean, that alone made this Summer memorable, but on a more serious note; as we played, what we knew would be, our last shows with Henry behind the kit, we had as much fun playing as we’ve ever had and enjoyed every one of them. ( We went deep in the vault and played some oldies, we played some brand new songs, and we even met our friend McCoy Tyler for the second half of the tour. In short, we’ve had an awesome Summer. But wait! Summer ain’t over yet. Check out our upcoming shows. ( And anyway, we live in Santa Cruz so it always feels like Summer.

Newpark Town Center, Park City, UT. Photo by Rachel Shannon

Squire Lounge, Denver, CO with McCoy Tyler. Photo by Effie Benjamin Potter

Oyster Ridge Music Festival, Kemmerer, WY. Photo by Henry Chadwick

Downtown Artery, Fort Collins, CO. Photo by Effie Benjamin Potter

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