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The Coffis Brothers Comatopia

We often get confused for the Brothers Comatose. For what reason? We do not know. We have drums. They do not. They are a string band while we have a keyboard and electric guitars. Nevertheless, it happens regularly. Although we don’t share the same instruments, we’ve shared the stage several times and will  again when the Brothers Comatose host us at their second annual Comatopia festival this August in Calpine, California at the Sierra Valley Lodge (


Our history with the Brothers runs all the way back to 2012 when their mandolin player, Ryan Avellone began sitting in on with us on guitar while Kyle Poppen was finishing his schooling on the East Coast. Since then, the Broco has been gracious enough to have us open for them on several different occasions: The Crepe Place, Don Quixote’s, Lagunitas Amphitheater, and of course the unforgettable Halloween show at The Catalyst that ended with both bands on stage playing With a Little From My Friends (

We’re very excited to be part of this festival along with Fruition, Steve Poltz, Royal Jelly Jive, Quiles & Cloud, The Little Fuller Band, and of course our band big brothers, The Brothers Comatose! Thanks for keeping your loud and annoying little brother around for all these years, dudes.

Comatopia- August 12-14

Sierra Valley Lodge- Calpine, Ca

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