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The Life of Music Playing Sports Fans

We aren’t a band who likes to brag. Mostly because we don’t have anything to brag about, but when you are named the MVP’s of the annual Comatopia Kickball game, it becomes very hard not to. Comatopia was a blast and one of the highlights was the Saturday morning kickball game.

Sports is often a divisive topic in our band as three out of the five of us are huge sports fans, while the other two members would often rather (insert any activity) than watch whatever sporting event that is happening at the time. But being a sports fan and musician isn’t always easy to navigate. With the Olympics occurring, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the most memorable times our lives as musicians have blended with sports. (Warning. If you don’t care about sports this will not be very interesting to you.)

sally with giants hat

ALL PRO TEAM (The Most Ridiculous of circumstances)

Men’s FIFA World Cup 2014– With a ten hour drive to Eugene pending, we thought it best to watch 3pm kick off of the US vs Ghana soccer game in Ben Lomond. After arriving in Eugene at 5am, we briefly slept before performing on KLCC Radio in Eugene at 11am. Getting back to sleep was put on hold briefly as we searched for a breakfast spot to watch the Mexico vs Brazil game. (It is of note that this Oregon tour concluded in Bend where we woke up early on a Sunday to drive to Redding in time to watch the US take on Portugal.)

2013 NFC Championship Game 49er’s vs Falcons– Being lifelong 49er fans, we were as excited as anyone when their dream season saw them just one game away from Super Bowl XLVII. Instead of being on a couch in front of a TV, we found ourselves in Gadgetbox Studios recording the guitar intro to Trouble Town. We spent three and a half quarters of  the game recording but wrapped up just in time to witness the 49er’s close out the game and advance to the Super Bowl before playing in one of the most memorable Super Bowls in which the 49er’s defeated the Ravens 65-3 (I’m pretty sure that was the score. No need to Google that.) Go Niners!

Golden State Warriors 2015 NBA Champions– We found ourselves in another predicament on June 16, 2015 when the Warriors looked poised to win their first NBA Championship since, like, I don’t know, a super long time. Jamie was sitting in with Scary Little Friends who were opening for Delta Spirit at the Lagunitas Amphitheater in Petaluma and the rest of us tagged along. Certain members of the band may or may not have run back and forth between Lagunitas Brewery and Beyond the Sports Bar and Grill which was conveniently located a half mile down the street during Delta Spirit’s set to see the Warriors clinch the championship.

SLV vs Soquel Women’s Soccer– Before heading to Hollywood for a seven day recording stint at Barefoot Studios, the band sat in the bleachers under the lights at Soquel High while Kellen coached the San Lorenzo Valley Varsity Girl’s Soccer team in their final game of the season.

HONORABLE MENTIONS (The times shows interfered with what we considered to be enormously important sporting events.)

GSW vs OKC Game 6 2016– Show at lille aeske, Boulder Creek. (In case you forgot which game this was, it was the really really really good one where the Warriors won.)

SF Giants vs Stl Cardinals Game 5 2012– Sound check at the Crepe Place, Santa Cruz. (The Giants were down in the series 3-1 to the Cardinals in the NLCS with Barry Zito on the mound. We won the game and eventually the World Series. Remember that?! We were down to Zito!)

GSW vs Cavs Game 7 2016– Show at Poster Room of The Fillmore for Mudcrutch. (The “We never ever ever speak about this game” game.)

There are countless other examples of games we’ve missed due to driving, playing, rehearsing etc but it’s a very small price to pay (except when it’s game six of the Western Conference Finals with the Warriors and Thunder! I can’t believe we missed that game!)

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