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Tim Bluhm and The Coffis Men

We’ve got a pretty fun weekend ahead of us. We’re playing in Big Sur, Fairfax, and Chico and we’re opening shows for Tim Bluhm each night. That alone would be enough reason for us to be excited. But that’s not it. For each of these shows we will be playing a set as the Coffis Brothers and also playing a full set backing Tim Bluhm. I try to make these blog posts informative but also kinda silly and not too serious. This one isn’t any different, but before we get to the silly and not too serious part, I do want to say that we’ve long looked up to Tim and getting to be his band is a huge thrill for us. We love the songs we’re playing, and we’re just really excited to get to show this to audiences. In between a week in Hawaii and a week rafting down a river in Idaho, Tim took a little bit of time to chat about this new band and these upcoming shows. Here’s the interview with Tim Bluhm.

Kellen Coffis: Thanks for joining us, Tim. How are things? Tim Bluhm: I’m doing fine, just wrapping up a few things before heading into the mountains for a week. KC: We love the mountains over here at We’re very familiar with them. Looks like you’ve been super busy working, so can you tell us what you’ve been up to this last week? TB: Oh, I was busy hanging out in Hawaii. It’s been a tough summer so far. KC: Sounds like it. What island were you on? TB: Big Island. Lots of lava there. Some of it is brand new. KC: I’m more of a small island guy myself. I prefer the less touristy places like Oahu. There’s a great Cheesecake Factory over there if you ever make it back. TB: Yeah you guys don’t get out of your mountains much, huh? KC: It’s been a while. Anyway, let’s get to the reason why we’re here. Looks like you’ve got some shows lined up. Anything you can tell us about these shows or is it just the same ol’ Tim bluhm playing the same ol’ Tim bluhm songs? TB: Oh yeah, I meant to ask you guys if you would play these shows with me. KC: I’ll check our calendar but we could probably pull it off. Maybe we can call it Tim Bluhm and the Coffis Brothers and the Mountain Men. What do you think? TB: That might be too many syllables there. There are already enough syllables in the lyrics to last us a year. KC: Well, you’re the songwriter so I’ll trust you on the syllables thing. Calendar says we’re free. Let’s do it. What songs do you want to play? TB: The songs are pretty straightforward. Actually, maybe there’re a couple weird things. But I’m sure you’ll do great. But we definitely won’t have time to rehearse. KC: So is this a new band for you? How’d you find these guys? I imagine they must have outlasted dozens of other contenders in a rigorous audition process, right? TB: Um, yeah. Pretty much. We played one show together, the closing set at Hipnic XI, and it sounded really good to me. A really full, yet dynamic band with expert harmony singing.

KC: You’ve played in many bands throughout your career, in what way is this one different? And why, with only one show under you, have you been so vocal about calling this the very best band you have played in? Or did I make that up? TB: Did I say that? KC: Must have been someone else. Anyway, tell us about these upcoming shows and generally what you will be doing at these shows. TB: I would say I haven’t played in as many bands as some guys my age, but a few for sure. It’s fun to mix it up and to play songs that don’t get heard much. That’s the cool part of playing with new combos. I can play songs that aren’t Hips songs but they sound good with a band. Joking aside, we’ve worked up a long list of my songs from my new record, my previous 5 solo records and some brand new ones, too. KC: Well, we can’t wait to hear it/I can’t wait to play it. I see you’re playing in Big Sur, Fairfax, and Chico next week. Those are great towns. Have you spent much time in any of those places? TB: I love all of those places and I have spent lots of time in each of them. My new house is a couple blocks from the Fairfax venue. KC: Well, thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with me. I’m really looking forward to the shows. KC: Can you add me and a plus one to the guest list for the weekend? KC: Also, I might need a place to crash in Fairfax. Got any room for me and four other guys? KC: Maybe we can carpool or something? Ya know, save some gas money? KC: Tim? KC: Alright, see ya Thursday.

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