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Tim Bluhm and The Coffis Men

We’ve got a pretty fun weekend ahead of us. We’re playing in Big Sur, Fairfax, and Chico and we’re opening shows for Tim Bluhm each night. That alone would be enough reason for us to be excited. But that’s not it. For each of these shows we will be playing a set as the Coffis Brothers and also playing a full set backing Tim Bluhm. I try to make these blog posts informative but also kinda silly and not too serious. This one isn’t any different, but before we get to the silly and not too serious part, I do want to say that we’ve long looked up to Tim and getting to be his band is a huge thrill for us. We love the songs we’re playing, and we’re just really excited to get to show this to audiences. In between a week in Hawaii and a week rafting down a river in Idaho, Tim took a little bit of time to chat about this new band and these upcoming shows. Here’s the interview with Tim Bluhm.

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