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You’ve made it to our blog, congratulations! We are a rock and roll band from The San Lorenzo Valley, located just outside the beautiful city of Santa Cruz. Sometimes we appear billed as “The Coffis Brothers and The Mountain Men.” The Mountain Men are not a separate band, rather they are members of the Coffis Brothers band that are not related (by blood) to Jamie and Kellen Coffis. So, to clarify, The Coffis Brothers and The Mountain Men are (left to right);

Jamie Coffis- Vocals, Keyboards Henry Chadwick- Drums Kyle Poppen- Guitar Kellen Coffis- Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica Mason Hutchinson- Bass

Photo by Andy Zenzcak

Jamie was kind enough to give some of his time to himself to ask and answer questions from himself about himself and his band.

What have you guys been up to lately? Great question, we’ve been pretty busy lately. Notably, we are working to release our first album “The Coffis Brothers and The Mountain Men” in the next couple of months. We recorded it in January at Gadgetbox studios in Santa Cruz and now are on to the mastering and design portion of the project. Also we have been putting together shows for the summer. In the meantime we have been writing, rehearsing and playing shows in and around the Santa Cruz area. (Check out this blog for upcoming shows)

How would you describe your upcoming album? Its a rock and roll record. Ten songs, recorded as live as possible with limited overdubs over the course of a few weeks. The actual tracking process, as in recording vocals and instruments, was done in 4 days. That might sound like a short period of time, and well, it is, but we are all excited with the performances we got out of everybody in the band. We’re quite proud of this record and eager to share it with anybody who cares to listen.

Rock and roll is a pretty general term, plus nobody uses it anymore, can you be a little more specific about your music? Certainly, we lean towards folk and blues. Our Mount Rushmore would contain some of the following; Tom Petty, Ray Charles, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers etc. There are a ton of artists out there currently, that we look up to and draw influences from as well. Jackie Greene, The Avett Brothers, Old Crow Medicine Show, Ben Kweller, Norah Jones, John Mayer, Delta Spirit, and Jet are just a few groups we’re big fans of.

You mentioned something earlier about summer shows. How is that coming along? So far so good. We have show in May we’re really excited about at Club Fox in Redwood City with our pal Mike Annuzzi. Also we will be playing a the Redwood Mountain Faire in Felton on June 4, as well as Music at Skypark in July. We have a monthly gig at Bocci’s cellar in Santa Cruz that will be running through October. We are working on a number of other things and should be able to make a few more announcements soon.

Thanks for taking time, you’re a great guy. Thanks man, you’re not too bad yourself.

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