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“I remember Jamie showing this to me early on when we were locked down in 2020. He seemed a little hesitant to think of it as anything more than a silly song but I just thought it was good. The more we played it the more we liked it. Kinda has a Traveling Wilburys thing to it and we tried to lean into that with the big background vocals at the end” says Kellen Coffis about “Ramona,” the latest American-fueled single from The Coffis Brothers.

Brotherly love has a way of creeping out the best in sibling rivalry- just ask the Robinsons, Everlys, and Allmans- yet while the Coffis clan have many roads to tackle before earning that esteemed family respect, the songwriting is certainly present.

This California country-rock, sibling duo will release their fifth studio album, Turn My Radio Up via Blue Rose on April 29. Produced by The Mother Hips’ Tim Bluhm, the 11-track collection is a statement that proves this band can daringly hold court with Delta Spirit, Lord Huron, and Dawes. Jangling guitar leads and front-porch folk songs share equal space with heartland rock anthems and campfire-worthy Americana ballads, all dreamt into existence by a group of road warriors who wear their West Coast stripes proudly.

Check out the video for “Ramona,” that Glide is premiering, where the listener can witness their effortless melting of twang and folk.

“I was in an interesting head-space when his song was written. My guard was down and I let myself become more playful with the concept. I didn’t think too much of it initially but as the days went on the chorus of the song kept rolling around in my head. Kellen had a good idea to do that call and response thing in the outro which I think was a really nice touch. It seemed only natural to add multiple big strumming acoustics, Traveling Wilburys style. I’d say it’s one of my favorites we’ve ever done.”says Jamie Coffis about the track.

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