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Twice The Rock & Roll and Twice The Beer – Two Nights in Felton January 6 & 7

Happy New Years, folks! How’s 2017 going so far? Have you stuck with your New Year’s Resolutions still? One of my resolutions was to write more posts on our website. It’s only the first week of the year and I’ve already written one! I’m on fire!

Last week I tried to convince you all that 2016 wasn’t so bad. Some of you were not convinced. 2016 is over and 2017 is well underway so let’s start 2017 off on the right foot! Let’s kick off the new year with a bang! Let’s come out of the gates firing, or whatever new year cliche you prefer. Any of them are fine by us as long as you come to Don Quixote’s on January 6th & 7th.

It’s been a whole year since we last stepped on stage at Don Quixote’s and we’ve spent every single day since then preparing to be back on that stage. Okay, that’s not exactly true, but what makes these shows so exciting for us is that all the work that we’ve put in this year rehearsing, and driving around the country playing shows gets to be shown to our closest friends in our hometown. Along with all the new music we’ll be playing, we’ve added a few exciting wrinkles for you, and most of these wrinkles are beer wrinkles. Hmmmmm beeeeeer wrinkles.

Our good friends from the Humble Sea Brewing Co. ( will be doing a tap takeover for both nights. These guys sold beer for the first time last year at Don Quixote’s and surely you’ve tasted some of their beer over the course of 2016 as they’ve been brewing their butts off. This year they will be back with five beers on tap for both Friday and Saturday! We are also very excited that we’ve linked up with the amazing Brew Cruz for a special ticket which includes a brewery tour and a free ride to the show. Along with all the beer we’ve also got some great musicians joining us throughout the weekend. On Friday night our friends from the North Bay, Kingsborough will open, and on Saturday local boy and our good friend, McCoy Tyler and his new band (don’t tell anyone but we are McCoy’s new band) will open.

I hope those are enough reasons for you to come out to Don Quixote’s in Felton on January 6th and 7th. If you needed one more reason to come how about that each night is only 10 bucks. 10! That’s it! We can’t wait to see all of you this weekend. We will be playing different sets each night so you might as well just come both nights. Okay, see ya January 6th and 7th in Felton at the funkiest, weird, fun little Mexican Restraunt/music venue in the land.

January 6th- 8pm Kingsbrough opens $10

January 7th- 8pm McCoy Tyler opens $10

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