10/20, Moe’s Alley, & TP

On October 20th we return to Moe’s Alley in our hometown of Santa Cruz. Of course, we’re really excited to be back playing at Moe’s especially given that this is our first club date in Santa Cruz since May, so it feels long overdue. In addition to the normal excitement of playing a local show, October 20th is a date that’s marked on the Coffis calendar every year but has even a little extra significance this year.

Earlier this month marked the year anniversary of Tom Petty’s passing and October 20th would be Tom’s 68th Birthday. In the year since, we’ve started to play his songs on stage pretty regularly which is not something we did as much of before, oddly enough. I think we were playing You Wreck Me but that was about it. I’m not sure really why that was, but probably sort of out of respect to those songs or something. And like so many others, we’re still just as sad about Tom’s passing as we were a year ago, but throughout this year we’ve had a lot of fun playing his songs and the opportunities to play them continue to pop up. There was our show October 6th at Sutter Creek Provisions where there was so much Tom Petty memorabilia in the venue that it only felt right to play a half dozen Petty tunes, or earlier this Summer when John Craigie asked us to back him up on a set of Petty tunes at the Kate Wolf Music Festival, which still feels like one of the highlight sets of our year. But even aside from the real heavy Petty nights, we’ve been playing a song or two most nights seemingly. We played It’s Good To Be King at the Strawberry Music Festival, Love Is A Long Road on the Stompin’ Grounds Stage at the Whale Rock Music Festival, we encored our set at the Redwood Mountain Faire with Runnin’ Down a Dream and You Wreck Me, which featured a very surprised McCoy Tyler on lead guitar, and even made a video of Rebels at a distillery in Templeton ( Some nights they might feel really emotional and it can be difficult to get through, and other nights they’re just fun and sort of healing.

Tom Petty set at Kate Wolf with John Craigie

It turns out that we weren’t the only who had Tom’s Birthday on the calendar because we’ve noticed a lot of Tom Petty tribute shows going on that night which is really cool to see. Our show at Moe’s Alley will not be one of those Tom Petty Tribute Shows, but it was no accident that we chose this date to play in Santa Cruz. Whether we’re conscious of it or not, everything we do is in some way a tribute to Tom, and October 20th at Moe’s Alley will be no exception to that. If there’s one thing that might stand above everything else that Tom taught us, it was the importance of a song. So yeah, we’re going to play mostly Coffis Brothers songs that night. I think in some ways that’s as much of a tribute to Tom as anything we can do. With that said, if you think we’re going to play a show on Tom Petty’s Birthday in our hometown and not play at least a few Tom Petty songs then you don’t know us very well. And we can get pretty liberal with “a few” when it comes to Tom Petty songs. Tom Petty’s songs are our very favorite songs in the world and we want them to continue to be heard and played so we’re going to do our small part to make sure they always are.

Castoro Cellars in Templeton playing “It’s Good To Be King”

We look forward to seeing lots of friends, family, and fans at this show. We’re really excited to have our good friend, Taylor Rae who will be bringing her band with her to open the show. If you live in Santa Cruz then I’m sure you’re already familiar with Taylor, but if you aren’t then I’d really recommend you make a point to see her. You’ll love her.

The Coffis Brothers & the Mountain Men at Moe’s Alley

Saturday October 20th
8pm Doors
9pm Show
with Taylor Rae

Lying on the stage at Moe’s Alley during “You Wreck Me” on October 13th, 2017

Sneak Peak Into Whale Rock Music & Arts 2018 With Luke Udsen

A little over a year ago we got an email from a guy named Luke to play at a festival called Whale Rock Music & Arts Festival. We weren’t very familiar with the festival as it was the first year under its new name (formerly Beaverstock,) we hadn’t met Luke before, but we pretty quickly agreed to play the festival. Soon after, Luke offered to shoot some live performance videos for us, so he and his three person video crew drove up to Ben Lomond from Paso Robles on a weekday and shot some videos on our parent’s back deck, and the videos turned out great. Check them out. (You And Me, Bad Luck Thing Called Love) A few months later we spent three days at Castoro Cellars in Templeton during Whale Rock and had a blast. We played two sets at the festival, we were treated really well by everyone, and we met a bunch of good people.

In the last year we’ve made several stops back at Castoro Cellars including playing a couple of shows at their tasting room, and each time we come we’re treated like family. We even shot a few more videos. (Whiskey SongRebels (Tom Petty) We’re really excited to be returning to Whale Rock this year (September 15 & 16) and we’d love to let more people know about the fine work they’re doing down in Templeton at Castoro Cellars during these two days at Whale Rock. We had the pleasure of talking with that guy I was telling you about, Luke Udsen just days before the sixth Whale Rock Music Festival. Here’s our conversation.

Kellen Coffis: Thanks for joining us, Luke, how’s it going?

Luke Udsen: It’s going great, man! Getting everything ready for the fun to come.

KC: What’s your involvement with this festival, Luke? Should we call you the CEO? General Manager? Producer? Editor-in-chief? What is it you say you do there at the Whale Rock headquarters.

LU: I definitely wear a lot of hats, but primarily I would say I’m the promoter. I handle all of the booking for Whale Rock and most of the marketing, promoting, etc. It’s definitely a group effort but that’s sort of my realm in a nutshell. 

KC: Interesting. So help me out here. I’m familiar with many different genres of music and rock like hard rock, alternative rock, folk rock, even yacht rock, but I’ve never heard of whale rock. Can you tell me what whale rock is and do all of these bands at the festival only play whale rock? I’m a big yacht rock fan. I’d imagine yacht rock and whale rock go together well.

LU: Oh for sure, that’s written into every band’s contract. Whale sounds, long, short, subtle, must be incorporated in some way throughout the set. In all seriousness, Whale Rock is the name of the vineyard the festival takes place in and the name comes from the petrified whale bones we find all throughout the vineyard.

KC: Okay. That makes sense. So the festival takes place on a winery. Castoro Cellars, right? Will you be serving some of this wine at the festival? Or do you just keep it for yourself?

LU: Oh, we serve plenty of wine at the festival, but if you want the really good stuff, you gotta find me and I’ll pour it from my bota bag.

KC:Great. I love wine from a bag. That’s the best stuff. So I know this is a music festival and that it’s on a winery, but what if I hate music and don’t drink wine? Got anything for me to do there?

LU:Oh yeah. We’ve got all kinds of stuff, for instance, craft beer, cider, kombucha (it’s all the rage these days), yoga, arts & crafts, silent disco, even a tea garden this year! If you’re a kid you’re in even more luck with free face painting, a musical petting zoo and natural fallen oak playground.

KC: Looks like you’ve done your homework. But what if I don’t like music, can’t, draw, don’t have kids, am allergic to fur, am more of a cross fitter than a yogi, and only drink coors light. Got anything for me now, wise guy?

LU: Absolutely. We’ve got an exit, unless you’re into BBQ, then we’ve got you covered.

KC: Well, I do love BBQ. Okay, I’m back in. Let’s talk music now. Looks like you’ve had a pretty wide range of bands come through the vineyard over the years. How’s the lineup looking this year?

LU: Yeah for sure we’ve had so many amazing artists over the years and this year is no different. There are touring bands coming from all over the country playing all kinds of music and most importantly they all play really good music. Good music that people can easily connect with. At least that’s the goal.

KC:That sounds great. I love good music. It’s my favorite. I’m also really into five piece bands rock bands. You know like, two guitars, bass, drums, keys, and maybe one’s with brothers. Got anything like that?

LU: Bummer, I didn’t book any of those this year. I did book this band called the Mountain Men. They shred

KC: Yeah, I think I know those guys.

LU :Yeah, their drummer, Sam is a real hard ass dude.

KC: Never mind. Must be a different band.  So you’ve got some great national touring acts but can I give you a tip? There’s a ton of great bands in the San Luis Obispo area. You ever think to have any of them at Whale Rock?

LU: For sure, we’ve actually got a nice mix of those suckers: Miss Leo & Her Bluegrass Boys, Nicole Stromose, B & The Hive, Mannequins By Day, Samba Loca, Arthur Watership, and Jade Jackson

KC: Good call. And again I think a five piece rock band from a beach town could really pull this whole festival together. Just a thought. This sounds like a great festival though and you’re starting to sell me on this, but I’m not quite sold. Is there anything else you can tell me to suede me into coming? I mean you seem like a nice guy and all but I don’t really know if I want to give you money to buy more of those hats you seem to wear so many of.

LU: Well, you my friend are in luck! Just by attending Whale Rock you are directly benefiting the Templeton High School music program. You buy a hat, a kid gets a trumpet or something along those lines…maybe a clarinet. Its totally worth it, even if you bought a ticket and decided to stay home and crossfit with your bros instead.

KC: Yeah, I’ve gotta get my pump on so we’ll see if I make it, but that’s good to know. I know there’s been a name change with the festival but by my count, 2018 makes this the sixth year of the festival. Is that correct?

LU: Yes sir, number six it is, kinda crazy for us. Seems like only yesterday she was born and finding her way. Now she’s all grown up.

KC: While we’re on the topic of being born yesterday and finding her way. I understand you’ve had some rather important changes to your life since Whale Rock number five.

LU: Indeed I have! My wife and I welcomed our daughter Ella into our lives in April, and she has been the boss ever since. She was actually at Whale Rock last year but was probably only the size of a kidney bean.

KC: Congratulations. Will Ella be making an appearance at the festival? Any bands she’s looking forward to seeing?

LU: Oh yeah, she’ll be there for sure. She’s super into all kinds of music but she definitely likes that band that sings “You And Me” and “Bad Luck.” I’m spacing on their name, but she loves their stuff.

KC: Sounds like a bright kid. I think we’ll get along really well. Alright, so this is what I’m hearing: There’s good live music, a variety of alcohols, dancing, exercising, animals, food, and were raising money for a high-school music program. Sounds like you’ve covered it all. Well done. Anything I’m missing? Any last messages you’d like to tell the people.

LU: There are two types of people. Those who Whale Rock and those who sit at home and watch everyone’s instagram stories….who do you want to be? I’ll take the whale any day.

KC: And remind me where and when this is happening, and if tickets are still available.

LU: It all goes down in the Whale Rock Vineyard at Castoro Cellars Winery September 15th & 16th and tickets are currently still available at

KC: Sounds like a good time. I think I’ll go. Why don’t you throw me on the guest list and I’ll see you there on September 15th.

LU: You got it! 



Redwood Mountain Faire 2018

According to our records, we have spent six of the last seven years at the same place during the first weekend of June. On June 2nd it’ll become seven for eight as we return to the Redwood Mountain Faire in Felton at Roaring Camp. This festival has seemingly become a staple in our calendar, and whether we’re on stage under our own name, or backing friends like Henry Chadwick, the Redwood Mountain Faire is a weekend we look forward to every year so we were very excited to be asked to headline Saturday June 2nd this year.

Last year we wrote about our history with the faire going back to its original site at Highlands Park in the 90’s ( so this year I thought I’d share some of our most memorable experiences at the Redwood Mountain Faire from this last decade.

Redwood Mountain Faire, 2017. Photo by Steve Kuehl.

In 2011 we had just recorded our first album, and with only a handful of gigs under our belts we were pretty damn excited that we were going to be playing the Redwood Mountain Faire that Summer. I hesitate in even bringing up this story for fear that it will happen again, but for a proper and accurate history of the Coffis Brothers at the RMF, the storm year needs to be included. You know those Summer days in Santa Cruz when it’s cloudy and cold and just dumps rain incessantly all day? Of course you don’t! That never happens! Anyway, I’m sure you can predict how this story ends. If you can’t, here’s how it ended. It rained all day and we played outside in the rain. It goes without saying that 2011 wasn’t our most enjoyable experience at the faire but the years that followed have more than made up for the storm of 2011.

In 2012 and 2013 we were back at the faire on sunny Saturday’s playing on the Meadow Stage. Over those two years we got to enjoy sets from friend’s bands including the Brothers Comatose and Wooster as well as discover bands we didn’t know at the time but would eventually share the stage with like The Soft White Sixties.

In 2014 we played as My Stupid Brother, led by Henry Chadwick. A couple days earlier, under the Coffis Brothers title, we were in San Luis Obispo opening for Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real who would be headlining the faire on that Saturday. We ran into Lukas that day and he asked us to sing some backups for him on an Al Green tune. We didn’t really know what we were doing but our nerves were calmed after receiving some kind words from Lukas’ bass player as we walked on stage saying, “the singing is less important. It’s all about the backup dancing.” We surely did not nail that aspect, but nonetheless we had a great time.

In 2015 we spent that Saturday driving back from Portland so we could close out the Creekside Stage on Sunday. Somewhere along that drive Kyle got violently sick and spent most of that Sunday morning with his head near a toilet bowl. Kyle was a trooper though and played the whole set like a champ. We never could identify exactly what caused the illness but the leading suspect was a less than ideal Round Table Pizza in Yreka, California and their ranch dressing.

2016 was our one year away from the RMF but we were back on the bill in 2017. As memorable as our Meadow Stage set was on Saturday (for not exactly all the right reasons,) getting to play in an impromptu set with our friend, Taylor Rae, where we traded songs back and forth on an acoustic guitar on Sunday was certainly a highlight of that weekend for us.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been involved with the RMF for so many years now. We feel really lucky to be involved in an event like this in the town where we grew up. We are very excited for this year’s faire and we feel honored to have been asked to close out the Meadow Stage on Saturday June 2nd. We want to thank all the good people who help make this weekend happen every year, as well as the the San Lorenzo Valley community as a whole for being such a supportive audience to us for these last eight years. We can’t wait to see you all Saturday at Roaring Camp.

RMF 2016. Photo by Michael Pegram

Redwood Mountain Faire 2014 with Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real.

Redwood Mountain Faire 2013

Redwood Mountain Faire 2012.

The Month Of May

When one month is coming to an end and a new month is starting, I like to click on that right arrow on my Google calendar and see what we’ve got going on during that upcoming month. Sometimes that click is not as climactic as I would hope, but most of the time it’s as thrilling as it sounds. Going from April to May of 2018 was one of those “thrilling” clicks.

We’re kicking off the month on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe for two shows that includes a Cinco de Mayo Birthday celebration. We’ve got three nights in a row in one of our favorite college towns, a quick trip to wine country, a beer festival, a Palooza, a hometown hoe-down/show-down/throw-down/Moe’s-down? (“Moe’s-down” is pretty good, right?) and, well I can’t think of anything clever for our May 12th show at the Sweetwater Music Hall with David Luning, but it’s the Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley so it speaks for itself. Let’s talk more about that one.

On Saturday May 12th we will be returning to the Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley. The first time we played at Sweetwater was in June of 2015 where we got to open for The Dirty Knobs who feature Mike Campbell. I don’t think we need to go into why that was exciting for us. Over the next few years we returned a couple times but most notably in April, 2017 when we were back for two nights in a row opening for another one of our heroes, Jackie Greene during his six night run there. Along with those three shows, we also were recently involved in a tribute show to Glen Campbell that featured, Tim Bluhm. On May 12th we will be sharing the bill with North Bay artist, David Luning. For you Santa Cruz piggies, you may be familiar with David as he is regularly played on KPIG. If you aren’t familiar then you can check him out here.

Tickets for May 12th are on sale now.

Sweetwater Music Hall June, 2015.

We would be remiss if we didn’t show a little extra love to our show on Friday May 18th at Moe’s Alley. Moe’s has become a special venue for us and we always get a little extra excited to play in Santa Cruz. The Sextones from Reno will be joining us for the night. Grab your tickets and see you at Moe’s Alley on the 18th.

May Shows:

May 4th- Alibi Ale Works, Truckee

May 5th- Crystal Bay Casino, Red Room (After party show for Hot Buttered Rum + Kyle Hollingsworth Band)

May 12th- Livermore Valley Craft Beer Festival

May 12th- Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley with David Luning

May 17th- Blue Note, Napa

May 18th- Moe’s Alley, Santa Cruz, The Sextones open

May 24th- Frog & Peach Pub, San Luis Obispo

May 25th- Sweet Spring, Los Osos

May 26th- Firestone Walker Taproom

Sailing Away On The Humble Sea

There are a lot of boxes you need to check if you’re going to be in a rock and roll band. You know, obvious things like having a great rhythm section, or owning a lot of denim. Maybe less obvious, but equally important, is to have some good friends who own a brewery. In 2017, after years of dehydration and who knows how many cases of Budweiser and Coors Light, we finally got to check off that box as Humble Sea Brewing Company opened their doors to their tap room on the West Side of Santa Cruz. We’ve been pretty vocal about our support for Humble Sea for a while now so we’re very excited to be playing their 1 Year Anniversary Party on Saturday March 17th.

We’re very excited for the Humble Sea team and their success this past year and we’ve had a lot of fun being a part, although small, of their journey. We played their first mini festival last June; in 2016 Humble Sea sold their beer to the public for the first time during our two night run at Don Quixote’s, and a year later they did a full on tap takeover at DQ’s where they served the Mountain Man Pale Ale, and the IPAin’t Leavin, which in my opinion are still some of the most most melodic beers they’ve ever made. But even beyond that, we’ve been lucky enough to be involved in Humble Sea for years. In 2014 we got to try some of the first incarnations of Humble Sea at owner and head brewer, Nick Pavlina’s Wedding; and a decade before that at San Lorenzo Valley High School and Junior High I don’t remember a day going by where owners Taylor and Frank weren’t talking about their dream of one day of serving hazy New England style IPA’s at their very own brewery. Alright, that last part isn’t totally true, we were mostly talking about basketball, but the point is these guys have been working their asses off and we’re really excited for all our friends at Humble Sea and are really looking forward to celebrating their first year open. Jamie took it upon himself to write a song for Humble Sea and we recently performed it in their barrel room, which is where we’ll be performing Saturday March 17th at 5:30pm. Have a listen and see ya Saturday.

When your friends are so good they write a song about your brewery on a whim. The Coffis Brothers and their band of mountainous men will be playing at our 1 Year Anniversary Parking Lot Party! this Saturday, March 17, from 5:30-7:30 on the barrel room.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Tickets are free and all are welcome.Party starts at 11am and goes until 10pm!

Posted by Humble Sea Brewing Co. on Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Slim’s San Francisco February 24th

The first show we ever played in San Francisco was in August of 2011 at a bar, then called, The Rockit Room. I think we responded to a Craigslist post and through that we got the headlining slot on a Saturday night in San Francisco. We were stoked. We set up on a postage stamp of a stage and played to a room that was as crammed together as we were. A big group of our friends from Santa Cruz came out, we stayed up all night after the show, and we crashed on the floor of our friend’s Kyle and Mikalah’s place before getting up early the next morning so I could play in my college alumni soccer game. (It seemed like a good idea at the time. I don’t know.) Since then we’ve played countless times in the City, and whether it’s a Tuesday night in front of an empty dance floor at the Boom Boom Room or across the street on a Saturday night for a sold out show at the Fillmore, we’re pretty damn excited every time we play in San Francisco. Alright, maybe we’re a little bit more excited for that Fillmore show (no offense to the Boom Boom though.) Here’s a video from our show at the Rockit Room.

Green room at Slim’s, March 15th, 2015.

This Saturday, February 24th we will be back in the City to play Slim’s. Joining us will be local bands, Sweet Plot, and Evan & the Live Oaks. This will be our third time playing Slim’s but our first time since January of 2016. We can’t wait to play, and not just because Slim’s stage is a little bit bigger than the Rockit Room’s, and because we finally got the foresight to book a hotel room for after the show instead of crashing on whatever friend’s floors are offered, and because we don’t have to wake up early to play in an alumni soccer game the next day; but because we’re excited to be bringing our new album, Roll With It to San Francisco for the first time, we get to play for our San Francisco friends as well our friend’s from Santa Cruz who will drive up in the City, and because we’re playing at a great venue, in a great city on a Saturday night. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Grab your tickets for Saturday and we’ll see ya at Slim’s.

The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men @ Slim’s w/ Sweet Plot, Evan & the Live Oaks

San Lorenzo Valley Soccer Fundraiser

Happy New Year! It only took me ’til February to say that, but nevertheless we’re back with our first post of 2018. The truth is that the winter is often a slower time of the year for us so I couldn’t think of anything to write about, and since we live in Santa Cruz, by winter I’m really only talking about the last few weeks in December and most of January. It’s so nice out here! It’s going to be 72 degrees today! In the past we’ve used January to record, or play hometown shows, so even if we aren’t driving around California playing, we’ve found something to keep us busy. Regardless of what the band’s been up to, I’ve spent just about all of my January’s for the last decade on the San Lorenzo Valley High School soccer fields in Felton for a couple hours every day coaching soccer. While it’s generally freezing (at least by my standards), rainy, muddy, etc I’ve never had more fun coaching soccer than I’ve had here at SLV, so it’s really special to get to play a concert to raise money for the SLV soccer program, which is exactly what we will be doing on February 8th at San Lorenzo Valley High School’s Performing Arts Center in Felton.

I started coaching at SLV in 2009 with the Junior Varsity Boy’s team. I coached them for three more seasons before moving to the Varsity Girl’s team who I’ve coached for three years and currently have Jamie as an assistant. Even beyond Jamie and I, soccer has played a weirdly important role in the band. Kyle and I met on the soccer field and played on the same teams from about ages 6-17, including four years at SLV. Jamie and I were somewhat familiar with each other before soccer was a thing but we’ve probably spent as much time kicking a ball around as we have singing. Kyle and I met Sam when he joined our club team when we were 14 years old, and soccer is the sport Aidan can tolerate watching with us more than any other. So that’s really saying something.

As another January spent on the SLV soccer field has come to an end, and our “slow” winter’s with the band seem to keep getting faster and busier; I’m becoming more and more aware that I won’t be able to coach at SLV for that much longer. Having a platform like this to give back to a school and sport that has given me so much is a really cool opportunity to have. (I know I can speak for Jamie and Kyle who would share that sentiment, as well.)

Our hope is to put on a great show at a really cool venue that you may have never been to before and to raise some money for high school athletes, so please help us by coming out to SLV’s Performing Arts Center on February 8th for our second annual SLV Soccer Fundraiser Concert. This year we’ll be bringing our friend McCoy Tyler with us to open the show. McCoy’s a graduate of Soquel High, and is more of a baseball and basketball guy than a soccer guy, but ya know…whatever. We just like him. See ya on the 8th.

San Lorenzo Valley Performing Arts Center

February 8th

Doors 7:00pm

Show 7:30pm


99 For 2017

At the beginning of this year I told you that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to write more posts on our website. I forgot what all of my other resolutions were, but 17 posts later and here we are in December with the most posts we’ve ever done in a year, which is fitting for a year in which we played more shows than we’ve ever played before. So much happened in 2017 that it’s hard to know where to start, but perhaps we should start with what we spent most of our time doing this year. That’s right, sitting in our van in traffic. I mean playing shows. Playing music in front of people is what we spent a lot of our time doing in 2017.

At midnight on December 31st we will have played our 99th show of the year. 99? For real? Can we just round up and call it 100? Let’s call it 100. Wow, we played 100 shows this year! That’s quite a milestone. We returned to some of our favorite venues and festivals like the Great American Music Hall, Sweetwater Music Hall, Crystal Bay Casino, Hopmonk Tavern, the Independent, the Torch Club, the Frog & Peach, Fernwood, and Oyster Ridge Music Festival. We played some great venues for the first time like the Folktale Winery, Healdsburg Plaza, Twin Oaks RoadhouseFreight & Salvage, The Saint, OP Rockwell, Newpark Town Center, the Downtown Artery, the Siren, and the Whale Rock Music Festival. We had some of our most memorable hometown shows back at familiar venues like Don Quixote’s, Moe’s Alley, the Catalyst, KPIG Swine Soiree, and the Redwood Mountain Faire. We even played in some places in Santa Cruz that we had never played before like Shanty Shack, Michael’s On Main, and Humble Sea Brewing Co. who opened their doors in March of this year. (Congratulations, dudes!)

Somewhere in the middle of all the traveling and playing there was a lot else that happened this year. We played against some pre-teens in paintball (and lost), a Coffis brother became a DJ at KPIG radio (Jamie, to be exact), we played sets on the Brew Cruz and the KPIG trailer, we went to a Colorado Rockies game in Denver, Aidan ate his first Krispy Kreme Donut and his first turkey leg (the donut was better), we were named Nexties Band of the Year, we celebrated our parent’s 70th birthdays, we said goodbye to Henry and hello to Sam, and we released our third album, Roll With It; and through all of that our trusty van, Gretschen (The White Falcon) ran like a champ. (Although there was a strange whistle sound coming from the engine today. You think that’s bad? Should probably get that checked out.) That’s a lot of things in just one year. We don’t mean to gloss over some of those rather big happenings though, like Aidan eating a whole turkey leg, so we want to stop and acknowledge a few people and moments in particular.

Henry Chadwick, our drummer of seven years, played his final shows with us in 2017. Henry is one of our closest friends and was our first drummer, and we had as much fun playing those last shows with Henry as we ever had playing. (If you miss seeing Henry go see his band, Henry Chadwick & Battlesnake on January 5th at the Crepe Place.)

No two people have been more important in the band’s existence than the Coffis parents, Jim and Vicki Coffis, and in March of this year we celebrated their 70th birthdays with a rock and roll birthday party. They even got their favorite band to play at the party. Can you guess who it was? Next time you’re at a show of ours and you see them go say hi.

Sam Kellerman is another person who has had a rather big role in the Coffis Brother’s 2017. As Henry was departing, Sam arrived and his introduction to the band was seamless. Whether it was his sports fanaticism, his ability to sleep anywhere on anything, or his fondness for a cocktail at anytime, Sam has fit into the group without a hitch. Also, he’s a damn good drummer.

Lastly, we’d like to acknowledge our hero, Tom Petty. We all went and saw Tom and the Heartbreakers in August so we certainly didn’t expect that in 2017 we would say goodbye to Tom. Three weeks after Tom’s passing we released Roll With It and there isn’t a song on that album that doesn’t have at least a little bit of Tom’s mark on it. We don’t have any plans to do a tribute show to Tom in 2018 but everything we do musically will be some sort of tribute to Tom Petty and we hope that in some small way we can help carry his torch.

Usually in December we’re saying we can’t believe the year is already over, but 2017 doesn’t feel that way. 2017 felt like a full year and then some. We traveled more miles than we ever have, we played more shows than we ever have, and we slept a lot less than we ever have. For those of you who were with us before 2017 and for those who joined us in 2017, we hope you have a great end of the year and we can’t wait to make some music for you in 2018. Here’s a look at some memorable moments in 2017. See ya.

Roll With It. Released October 27th

Don Quixote’s January 6th

Women’s March with Tammi Brown January 21st

Nexties at the Rio Theater March 24th

Nest Fest June 24th

Catalyst supporting the California Honeydrops December 1st

Downtown Artery, Fort Collins, CO with McCoy Tyler August 4th

Humble Sea Brewing Co. November 18th

Redwood Mountain Faire June 3rd

Roll With It Release Show Moe’s Alley October 13th


Roll With It Release Show Moe’s Alley October 13th

Oyster Ridge Music Festival, Kemmerer, WY July 28th

One On One With Sam Kellerman

Kellen Coffis – Alright, we’re with Sam Kellerman, the drummer and the newest member of The Coffis Brothers & the Mountain Men. Say hi to the people, Sam. How’s it going?

Sam Kellerman – Happy to be here. Looking forward to talking shop.

KC- Sam, this is your first chance to talk to the fans of the Coffis Brothers. Talk to the people. Tell us a little about yourself. We know you’re a drummer but what other hobbies do you have?

SK- Well, my Uncle lives right by Seascape/Manresa so every Saturday morning I have free I go surfing with him. That and playing basketball occasionally is the only recreational activities I can find time for. The best days to me are those spent grilling and chilling with friends. I go through periods where I read a lot and then don’t read at all. I’m not a big Netflix guy so I can almost guarantee I’ll have no idea what show you are talking about.

KC- But you watched Stranger Things, right? You did, didn’t you? Alright, let’s talk shop. Where’d you grow up and can you tell us what you’ve been up to for, oh how about the last 27 years?

SK- I’m born & raised in Aptos. The best part of Santa Cruz County really. (Editors note: the opinions expressed in this interview do not necessarily reflect those of the Coffis Brothers) I had a charmed childhood. I was always super happy. Sports and music were always of interest. Then I switched to music. When soccer tournaments switched to playing bars until 2am, it all went super fucking downhill.

KC- So there’s a lot to untangle here. Let’s start with the sports. I’ve heard these Coffis boys are quite the athletes. You ever cross paths with them on the soccer fields or were the Ben Lomond leagues in which they played in, far superior to the Aptos leagues?

SK- Well, oddly enough I had to audition for a soccer team Kyle & Kellen were on. The Santa Cruz Breakers who were really an under-14 or under-15 dream team. I remember in High-School Soccer I always looked forward to the days we’d play Kyle and Kellen who played for SLV. That team was especially soft. (Editor’s note again: during the 2006-2007 soccer season SLV beat Aptos 2-0 and 3-1. Kyle and Kellen each scored goals.)

KC- Wow that’s really interesting. So you met Kyle and Kellen first on the soccer field. I would assume you all started playing music together shortly thereafter, right?

SK- I didn’t even play drums at the time. Or if I did, I just started. All I can say is I knew Kellen and a few guys on the team had guitars but I don’t remember seeing anybody play.

KC- So let’s cut right to it. How did you join this band? And maybe a better question is why did you join this band?

SK- I moved back up here after some time in LA. I let my long-time mentor and fantastic drummer, Zach Olsen, know that I was back in town. After a month or two, Zach mentioned he passed my number on to the Coffis Brothers.

KC- You’re just another example of the age old tale of a musician making the long journey from LA to Aptos to pursue his dream of playing rock and roll. What were you doing in LA?

SK- Exactly! Well on and off for five of the last seven years I’ve lived in LA. The first stint was in order to attend USC. Fight On! The second stint was to work for a liquor license brokerage and sort of play drums. When I moved back I was playing pick-up gigs with bizarre country bar bands in the East Bay and a cover band playing the food festival circuit in San Francisco.


KC- So you’re back in Santa Cruz and the Coffis Brothers call you up. What were you thinking at that point?

SK- I was excited to reconnect with Kyle and Kellen and I was just looking forward to playing some music. I honestly didn’t know what the details were so I just treated it with little expectations. The moment it clicked for me was actually seeing it all live at the Redwood Mountain Faire and at Moe’s Alley.

KC- Little expectations is probably good when talking about the Coffis Brothers. Can you tell us a little bit about the behind the scenes in joining the band? Did they put you through a highly intense audition process that tested both your musical ability as well as your social aptitude?

SK- Yeah, the Coffis Brothers have/had a talented way of not only keeping me in the dark as far as my status went, but also keeping one another in the dark. But we went on a four day run down south that not only tested my ability to play two hours of material, but also tested my willingness to play after being sleep-deprived and hungover.

KC- How were those first shows you played with the Coffis Brothers?

SK- I remember having a lot of fun and introducing them to some of my favorite phrases, none of which I can repeat here.

KC- Thank you for not. Has it been tough to jump into a fully formed band as the new guy? Has it been difficult to fill Henry Chadwick’s shoes? And I mean that in a more literal than figurative way as he has huge feet. So tell us what that has been like? Also, what size shoe are you?

SK- Yeah, that’s been the only bummer. There’s no way to improve on something that feels and sounds great. I’ve listened to a shit-ton of Henry’s drumming and it’s excellent. I’m a fan so I knew I had to have one foot in learning the tunes properly but also have one foot in my zone. There is no improving on it but with my influences I can make it different.

KC- But things must be going pretty good, right? It looks like you’ve already played upwards of 30 shows.

SK- Yeah, I’m super lucky and I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun on a bandstand consistently.

KC- Any shows in particular that stand out to you?

SK- Opening for the California Honeydrops at the Catalyst was a pretty wild experience. I had never played drums on the main stage. I played percussion with my brother’s band, The Skaflaws, but never got on the grown-up traps until then.

KC- Alright, so we’ve learned a lot about Sam but can we get some dirt on the Coffis Brothers?

SK- Here we go haha

KC- You’ve spent a lot of time on the road with these boys. Who’s the best and worst driver?

SK- Am I excluded? I have dreams where I die when Aidan is behind the wheel. But I’m the best driver. Kellen is second, then a three-way tied for third.

KC- Loudest in the van

SK- Well, we are a dynamic group so this is tough. We all get chatty and we all get sleepy so I would say the only time the van gets to a loud decibel level is when Aidan and Jamie get on one another.

KC- First person to end up with a drink in their hand at a show

SK- Jamie. He’s also the first to make friends at the bar with the locals.

KC- Last person to wake up in the morning

SK- Tie between Aidan and Kyle.

KC- Most likely to be a diva during soundcheck

SK- Kyle. Not because he is a diva but because the sound man consistently goes over to have a chat about his guitars.

KC- Great. This is sure to cause a few arguments in the band so I think our job here is done. Thanks for joining us. Anything else you’d like to tell the people?

SK- Thanks. I’m glad to be the newest Mountain Man and I hope everyone will introduce themselves on January 6th at Moe’s Alley. I especially hope everyone’s New Year’s Resolution is to really shake it in front of the band.

Rock And Roll Relief – November 10th Sebastopol

We’ve been calling Sonoma County our “second home” after Santa Cruz for a while now. Over the last few years we’ve made so many relationships with musicians, bands, fans, and venues that every time we get up to the North Bay it feels like we’re playing in our hometown. A big part of that is because of Aidan Collins. Aidan spent the first 23 years of his life living in Sonoma County so we have become friends with his family, childhood friends and have been treated like family every time we visit. Along with that we’ve also had some really great opportunities in that area like playing the Kate Wolf Music Festival in 2015 and 2016, the Railroad Square Music Festival in 2016, the Petaluma Music Festival in 2015, and have played shows with bands like Brothers Comatose, Kingsborough, Rainbow Girls, and Mike Sallani among others.

We know people who were directly affected by the fires and we would imagine that everyone in that area has been affected in some way. Our show on Friday November 10th at the Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastopol will not be a fundraiser, so to speak, but we wanted to help in some way so we will be donating all the money that we make from the show to the Redwood Credit Fund ( This will include money we make through ticket sales as well as all money made from all Coffis Brothers merchandise sold. The Redwood Credit Fund is a very reputable organization that is using %100 of their donations to help aid victims of the fire. You can learn more about the RCU through their website. (

The show itself will be a rock and roll show like you would expect from us and the music will certainly still be the focus of the night, as it should be, but we want to do our part in helping this community. For those of you who would like to donate but can’t attend the show, you can donate right here In addition to that, any CD sales we make through our website from now through November 10th will also be donated to the RCU. We will be bringing our new album Roll With It along with lots of new shirts, posters, and pint glasses to the Hopmonk this Friday so we hope you find something that you like.

Hopmonk Tavern, Sebastopol- November 10th

Doors 8pm

Show 9pm

Buck Thrifty opens