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Glide Magazine Album Review


By Daniel Talamantes

The Coffis Brothers’ fourth album, In The Cuts, starts with the anthemic declaration we wanted to hear. You know, it’s the kind that makes you pause the song, unplug your headphones, switch that restored-vintage-stereo input to aux, and crank the volume knob as the garage door opens to that springtime sunlight. The steady pulse of the bass, familiar yet nuanced vocal melody, tight harmonies, crisp guitars, call-and-response belting chorus at the end, and frisky drum fills elicit the appreciative nods of your neighbors across the street. They inquire and you say it’s the new Coffis Brothers’ album. “Rad,” they reply–pretty much summing up the remainder of this review.

In The Cuts is humble in presentation but humbling for musically-inclined peers–objectively enjoyable for all listeners. Polished, intricate, and, most importantly, emotionally raw, these songs are a masterclass in technical skill, recording, and songwriting. In true Coffis Brothers style, they reveal their talent not through showboating and peacockery, but through choice and style–or, simply put: craft. Essentially, the album is pure unadulterated rock-n-roll and the perfect counterargument to anyone who posits the old chestnut: It isn’t like it used to be.

Each song glides seamlessly into the next. “In My Imagination” channels the nostalgia of California-bred living with rich harmony texturing and smart chord changes. Take Me offers a patient country-rock blues verse before a chorus that has a catchy quality that you know will lead to someone down the line loudly claiming they know this song even though they don’t. “Right Love” is a classic rock ballad song with impassioned singing fit for any living room suffused in the evening light. This song is followed by the midnight motorcycle ride of “Play it Loud.” Where many albums will leave you with a pensive, reflective number, “Bye Bye Susie” is a classic roots strut that goes as far as echoing the Everly Brothers at the end, announcing their intentions. These are just a few songs from this impressive twelve-song catalog.

What one can really appreciate is the way in which the Coffis Brothers blend perfectly while showcasing each instrument at once. Nothing hides in their music. It leads to a complex musical conversation between instruments and voice that bond together over the same goal: the quality of the band. There is a comfort and communion between them that suggests a brotherhood extending beyond the blood-ties of Jamie and Kellen Coffis.

That notion was noticed and confirmed by California musical legend and stalwart Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips who produced the album. Recorded at 25th Street Recordings in Oakland, CA over the course of 2019, what came to fruition through the process was a well-guided and thoughtful exhibition of their sound.

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We're very excited to announce the release of our fourth full-length album 'In The Cuts' is released. Released under Blue Rose Music and produced by Tim Bluhm, we recorded this album over the course of 2019 at 25th Street Studios in Oakland, and at Tim Bluhm's House in Fairfax. The album is available for streaming and you can order your own copy through our website. We hope you set some time and give it a listen. We think it'll be worth it. Thanks for all your support over the last year and change. We're very happy to be delivering this new album to you.

Jamie Coffis - vocals, piano, organ, various keyboards

Kellen Coffis - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica

Aidan Collins - bass, backing vocals

Sam Kellerman - drums and percussion

Kyle Poppen - 6 and 12 string electric guitars

Tim Bluhm- additional vocals, acoustic guitar, and tambourine

All Songs Written by Jamie and Kellen Coffis

Sally Sasquatch Music (ASCAP)

Executive Producer - Joe Poletto

Produced and Mixed by Tim Bluhm

Mastered by Billy Joe Bowers at Casa de Amor

Engineered by Gabriel Shepard

Recorded at 25th Street Recordings in Oakland

Additional recording at Tim’s House

Demo engineer - Parker Miller

Album Artwork by Alex Morrison, and John Castillo

Additional Thanks:

We’d like to thank our Mom and Dad, and all the Mountain Men parents: Eric and Liliana Poppen, Luna Collins, Vincent Smith, Sheila and Bill Kellerman; the Blue Rose team: Joe Poletto, Kelsey Kirpich, Michelle Garramone, and of course, Tim Bluhm.

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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

If I'm not mistaken, the Coffises are at Day 37 (April 19) of our Shelter-in-Place and although things are certainly different, I think we're starting to get into a bit of a routine for now. But man, it's hard getting used to this. Nearly every week for the last six years, Jamie, Kyle, Aidan, and myself have packed up our gear, hopped in the van on Thursday or Friday, drove for several hours, then played a show or two or three before returning back home late Sunday night. That became the routine and now, like all of us, the routine is no longer....the routine (not my best sentence but give me a break, I haven't left home in over a month). Nowadays, Jamie and I put a phone on a tripod and play shows in our living room. Aside from that, I haven't seen Aidan and Kyle in months, and haven't not seen Jamie in forever. It's like every time I turn a corner he's there! Joking aside, we're all safe, healthy, and have even stayed busy somehow. In fact, there's kinda a lot of news to report in the Coffis world (what the hell is Coffis World? I'd avoid that place if it exists). That's enough rambling out of me, let's get to what we came here for.

There's a lot to report so what's the best way to do this? Bullet points? Hyphens? Short, all caps sentences with too many exclamation points for things that don't need to be exclaimed? NEW WEBSITE!!! How was that? I just wanted to try it once, but I'm a hyphen guy, plus bullet points aren't very PC anyway.

- We've got a new website. You know this. You're on it right now. Take a look around. There's a lot of new music, videos, and merchandise. Just a couple clicks away. Fine, I'll put a link for the store. (

- That brings us to this new album. You also know this. On April 24th we release (drop) 'In The Cuts'. It's our fourth full-length album. The album will be available on all streaming platforms as of the 24th, but If you'd like a physical copy you can order one from our website now. (Vinyl coming this summer)

- Though we can't celebrate the release of this album with an in person show, (is that what we're going to call concerts from now on?) we thought a new album was worth celebrating so we're doing a Facebook Live Album Release Party on Thursday April 23rd. We're going to play some tunes, play some tracks off the new album, and catch up with Aidan and Kyle. We hope you'll join us. We think you'll be entertained.

During a month when we thought we'd be gearing up to play our album release shows that would lead into a busy summer of touring, we're looking at a blank calendar of shows that will stay blank for the foreseeable future. And there's no doubt about it that we're bummed we can't play these shows but in some ways we feel fortunate that we can bring this new album to you in a time when we can't play shows. We'll get to those shows someday and when that day does come when we are told it's safe to perform in front of an audience, we'll be as ready and as excited as we've ever been to play, and we'll see you there. Thanks for all the support over the last month. Means a lot.

- Kellen

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